Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Disrupt - Mass Graves

Twisted dreams of a thousand-year Reich,distorted hopes of a master race.From '33 to'45 the Nazis reigned throughout the years racial hatred has sustained,innocent victims-wrongfully enslaved,endless corpses-buried in mass graves,The worst massacre in the history of "man",To rule the human race was the fascists plan,6 million people slaughtered in vain,6 million murdered in Hitlers name.(chorus)Auschwitz,Dachau,Belsen,Buchenwald,corpses churned out like a bloody slaughterhouse,bulldozed into ditches like fucking trash,the graves covered along the consciences. We must not let this ever happen again,to the whole idea we shall put an end,scum of the earth still exist today,We shall put them out of the way,(chorus)

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