Thursday, 29 November 2012

Disfear - Maps Of War

All hail democracy, hypocrisy
Promote the war campaign
A calculated risk
The numbers that are slain
Election year is here
We gather round a cause
In the weapon industry
We place our votes

For I promote oblivion (oblivion)
Let the maps of war be drawn
We are but pawns in their power schemes
All hail (all hail) the new clear dawn

As history repeats itself
Behind closed doors
Lesser gods of higher rank
Prodding us to war
The iron dream a burning curse
We will never learn
For god, for oil, for land
Lines are drawn in the sand

For I promote oblivion (oblivion)
Let the maps of war be drawn
We are but pawns in their power schemes
All hail (all hail) the new clear dawn

On public demand, oblivion (oblivion)
The seeds of hate are sown
We are but pawns in their power schemes
All hail... the new clear dawn
For I promote oblivion (oblivion)
Let the maps of war be drawn
We are but pawns in their power schemes
All hail (all hail) the new clear dawn

Monday, 26 November 2012

Terrorizer - Corporation Pull-In

Big money business
take what they can
always for a profit
never for the consumer
using all tricks
using a trap
taking all the money
for their personal gain

Corporation Pull-in
Corporation Pull-in

The rich get rich
the poor stay poor
working hard
all for nothing
life of dreams
shatter faith
down and grim
there's no answer

Corporation Pull-in
Corporation Pull-in

Always in it for money
government bastards are to blame
no one cares any more
about society and economy
millions die
loss of values
corporation takes control
no way out this misery
always backing big business shit
The economy of this nation
is slowly drifting away
self-righteous bastards
never caring about society

Who - suffers - pays the price
People - prisoners - to the system
The wealth and greed
the power to gain
fucking over others
just to stay ahead
Can't they see - they must help
Stop - the pain of mankind

Racial power keeps minorities down
who died and made them God
If they want an apartheid state
then take your shit and fuck off

Friday, 23 November 2012

Legend - Sabra & Chatila

Discolored in envy that melts in the dust,preparing the graves for the meek
Groups into groups stacked high in the street,forever the problem will sleep
Sabra & Chatila
Victims of vengeance,reprisals so quick,bystanders calm in their wait
The costumes of Hades that empty the void,the mutters of protest too late
Sabra & Chatila
Slowly the days erode all the shock,memories so slow to recall
The people are butchered we all stand & watch,delusions of god for us all
Sabra & Chatila

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Darkthrone - I am the Working Class

21 years of minimum wage
Got no problems with manual labour

You stepped up in the 90s, wanna show me how
Well, I don't need no fuckin' favour

I am the working class!
All day
So I don't have to
See your face

I am the working class!
The daybreak is when
I begin

I am the working class!
Each day
I bust my bones to
Get paid

I am the working class!
Damn straight
The daily grind is
My fate

Through 7 seas of alcohol
And a jail of dank depression
Well, I turned my back and where are you now?
...and I've bucked up for that recession


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Phobia - Anarchist Farce

So you want to protest cops
Express your anarchist thoughts
Live, breath and absorb the ideals
That your fucking taught
2 days a week and feel like you fought
It s a full fledge insurgence is what you thought
Revolution systematic change
Doesn't happen with your fucking games!

Anarchist farce!

Refuse a system that you want to exploit
In the name of punk while you shoot your junk
Fuck shit up and fuck the state
Now you put them in their place
Studded belts and tattooed face
That has nothing to do with smashing the state
Your freedom exists and I m game to this
But we need to fight, so punks unite!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Dirt - Democracy

Democracy is a con job they got you fooled, if you step out of line they'll have you pulled. You cant go against them it ain't allowed, so watch yourself, hide 
in the crowd. Wait for the day 'cos its bound to come. You wont need a fist, you wont need a gun. The system is there The system will stay The system will 
rule. Birth control, life control, death control. Education of their wrong and right of their order and of their law. Don't take it its just a con, Don't take 
it you know its wrong, Its just a front so they can use you Its just a front so they can cheat you. OBJECT REFUSE REJECT ABUSE. 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

In Solidarity With The Lebanese Metal Heads

In Solidarity with the Lebanese Metal Heads against the Lebanese Media views.
Please sign the petition.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Agathocles - Bomb The Bastard

Iraq bombed 'cause Clinton has fucked
Civilians died, to cover it up
Bombraid tactics and propaganda
Clinton's blowjob led to massacre

Bomb the bastard