Thursday, 27 September 2012

A// Political - Left Or Right

Enter Tyranny
Enter Oppression
Enter the Parliamentary Houses
It doesn't matter which side of the aisle you choose to sit on
There is no change
There is no revolution in government
There is no revolution save anarchy
Let charecterize the right
the more obvious to spite
As a war waging system
With greed there to tempt them
Varying fascism
To every degree
Wage slaves and taxes
From sea to shining sea
Left or right it's all the same!
Play the same fascistic game!
Let's charecterize the left
They say they know what's best
They say they'll set you free
from all that's untrue
With Marx & Lenin
Parading through the streets
A parady of fasism
Played on you and me
Left or right it's all the same!
Play the same fascistic game!
The system maintains whichever it may be
Under the guise of freedom oppressing you and me
Government is government, it's all the fucking same
Telling you what to thingk what to do and what to pay
Power if power, whichever side it takes
Left or right, right or left, they're all a bunch of fakes

Left or right it's all the same!
Play the same fascistic game!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Integrity - Armenian Persecution

All I can think about is revenge

The slaughter inside my head never ends
And to all who deny this sin
Bab eed Janed cach-nem

Ethnic genocide
One million died
Cries went unheard in 1915
No one remembers, no one believes
Some turks deny, but they fucking lie

America knew, but as usual
They just stood by and listened to the cries
"Why interfere? There's no money here.
Who are the Armenians... who fucking cares if they're alive.
Who cares if they fucking survive."

Forced in the desert and into sandy graves
Children were murdered while their mothers were raped
Babies were thrown in the air and impaled on swords
Nothing but death from the turkish hordes

Dispersal took place
Most met a cruel end
Now we are few but we'll always be true
To the Armenians that we will defend

First they were bound, then split with an axe
They juggled their heads, and the turks laughed
Set on fire like a human torch
Many were nailed alive to the floor

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Skitsystem- System Collapse

Right-wing bastard
You're all the same
Put the guilt on others
When you're to blame

System collapse
System collapse
System collapse

Systematic massmurder
Tax the poor to death
Revenge revenge
Steal your last breath
Tear this system apart

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hail Of Bullets - Red Wolves Of Stalin

Red Wolves Of Stalin

Plundering SS-units
Prisoners rot in camps
The old and weak were shot
Defeatist got hanged
Nationwide extortion
No one can survive
A starving population
Miserably dies

Silently they disappeared
at night
Joined the other hungry
wolves to fight
To slay and maim and kill
the fascist beast
The cutthroat invaders
of their East

Blowing up the bridges
Undermine the streets
Attacking the convoys
Leave cold dead German meat
Sabotage the railways
Behind enemy lines
Bombing army transports
Destroy telephone wires

A merciless strike
from out of the dark
Witness the Russian Partisan's
All they have
is their hate to feed on
Ambush another enemy patrol

Hiding in the forest
Or villages nearby
Like the pack they are prowling
And only hunt at night
Lying in the slush
Buried deep in snow
Always facing death
Ready for the blow

Marching, creeping, waiting,
Snipers in the trees
Aiming, shooting, killing
These wolves will have their feast

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Subvertor - Justicia (Che Guevara)

mbre de dura mirada ante la perra injusta miseria, diestra del imperialismo explotador, sintió justicia su sangre alborotada, ley de perros, hombres enardecidos, empuñando armas la libertad buscando, matar por robar mendrugos de pan, pueblo hambriento reza la igualdad.

Compañero en buenas, comandante en sangrientas, curando la tropa herida, la huella de su bota, sangre en Latinoamérica, caceria humana, le dieron muerte en nuestra tierra.

Che guevara, En la perra miseria de esta gente, Che Guevara sus carnes se pudren en la sombra, Che Guevara, entre paredes y rejas injustas cadenas, Che Guevara, inocentes con sus hijos encarcelados.

Levantar de los escombros al pueblo ignorante, débiles agonizantes piden mà seros centavos, resucita en mi alma hombre de dura mirada, mi sangre alborotad clama justicia maldita
Che guevara, En la perra miseria de esta gente, Che Guevara sus carnes se pudren en la sombra, Che Guevara, entre paredes y rejas injustas cadenas, Che Guevara, inocentes con sus hijos encarcelados.Ho

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

In Solidarity With Egyptian Metal Heads

Lately, there was a new wave of offence against the Egyptian metal heads. this wave was led by one Islamic lawyer.
This issue erupted after a Metal concert in "Sakiet El Sawi" (A well-known venue for different kinds of non mainstream music) and it seems that there will be a series of prosecutions. 
The case is getting more attention in the mainstream media.
As usual, ans as was the case in different periods in Lebanon, the politicians always use this accusation to divert attention from other political issues.
We hereby declare our complete solidarity with the Egyptian Metal heads against the repressive and reactionary Islamic regime. 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Iskra-Prisoners of Conscience

Remember those people who live inside cages 
Denied basic rights and no hope for parole. 
Prisoners who gave their lives for revolution 
Surrounded in silence, does anybody know? 

Their family is gone, their friends are dead 
Forced to concede they have no control. 
They're given no respect, their dignity stripped 
Does anybody know? 
In moral innocence, will they die alone? 
will anybody know? 

They'd seen the sign of truth out there 
They let the people know 
of mindless terror everywhere 
does anybody know? 

A body bound,A body dragged 
Broken skin, broken bones 
Tortured inside a cement cell 
Where Nobody will know. 
A stolen life, a living hell 
Does anybody know? 

The Black Panthers, A.I.M, and MOVE 
Struggling for dignity, fighting racial oppression 
Black Liberation Army, FALN, and RATF 
Working towards autonomy, against imperialist expansion 
Earth Liberation Front, Animal Liberation Front 
Fighting to stop the continued destruction of life on this planet 
When a so-called democratic systems ignore the voices of conscience 
Direct action is the only recourse for developing opposition. 

The New York 3, The Move 9, The Panther 21, Adolpho 
Matos , Alberto Rodriguez,Alejandrina Valentin, Bill 
Dunne, Larry Giddings, David Gilbert, Mutulu Shakur, 
Dylcia Pagan, Edwin Cortes, Alicia Rodriguez, Tom 
Manning, Anthony Bottom, Bashir Hameed, Hanif Bey, 
Leonard Peletier, Laura Whitehorn, Marshal Conway, 
Linda Evans, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Luis Rosa, Mark Cook, 
Pat Moloney, Juan Segarra Palmer, Ida Luz Rodriguez, 
Jihad Abdul Mumit, Ray Luc Levasseur, Shaka 
Shakur,Pavel Koupa, Eric Wildcat Hall, Ted Kaczynski, 
Helen Woodson: 

These people are currently serving sentences for their conscious political activities, they have sacrificed their
freedom to build a revolutionary movement in support of a free existence based on mutual aid, justice, and respect. 

They're in a cage this very night 
A life sentence or a death sentence. 
Their spirits live while their body's bound 
Does anybody know? 
Everyone remember that they're still there 
Everyone should know.